Customer Recovery Program

A six-part interactive training program presented by customer strategy experts,
Customer Frame, designed for tourism operators who want to use their COVID-induced hibernation time to build a recovery plan that will see them emerge from the crisis stronger than before.

Starts June 1st, 2020

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Right now, we’re all hurting. Times are tough, perhaps the toughest they’ve ever been. But this crisis doesn’t have to mean the end for our businesses.

Now – in this time of hibernation + quiet reflection – is the perfect time to look to the future, to rebuild your business on a strong foundation – the customer.

After all, the customer is the ultimate reason we’re all in business – without customers, there’d be no business.

If you’re a business who has been hit by the COVID-19 crisis – or any crisis – who is looking for a way forward but needs a firm, prioritised action plan to pave the way, then this program is for you.

Real insights, real actions, real results.

Customer Recovery Program Overview

Re-build your business on the foundation of customer for a strong recovery.

By building capability in your business, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills + expertise to help your business emerge from Covid-19 stronger than ever.

By building a structured plan around your customer, you’ll know exactly what you should be focusing on over the next 6-12 months to aid your recovery.

No more lack of focus, indecision or confusion as to what actions you should take. By completing this program, you’ll be armed with all you need!

Walk away with:

  • New skills + techniques to rebuild your business on the foundation of customer
  • A deeper understanding of who your customers are + who they should be!
  • Actions that you + your team can take now + in the coming months to help you get back on your feet as soon as possible
  • A prioritised plan of action that will set you up for a strong recovery
In this course, we’ll cover:
  • Why now is the best time to focus on your customer
  • How customer is the key to recovery + how focusing now sets you up for the future
  • How to rebuild your business around your customer
  • The areas you should focus on to make the greatest difference to your business
  • How to focus on the right type of customer for a bright future
  • Why going beyond Customer Satisfaction is key to long-term success
  • How to cash in on the goodwill you already have with your current customers using reviews + feedback
  • How to develop your customer promises to create true connection, customer advocates + customers for life
  • How to build an improvement plan to get you moving in the right direction, today

Who is Customer Frame?

We’re customer obsessed + love to help businesses put the customer at the heart of everything they do, for a stronger, more resilient, future-proof business.

We close the gap between business strategy + operations, by putting the customer at the heart. Our clients call us the Customer Strategy Superheroes, but we’ve found that wearing our undies on the outside doesn’t go down so well in boardrooms.

At our heart is our innovative Customer Strategy Framework™ that covers the nine key customer competencies observed in world-leading businesses + organisations, derived from practical implementation + research in over 30 countries. Our simple-yet-powerful framework + transformation methods have helped businesses across the globe to find new growth, engage their teams + smash their goals.

Sueanne Carr

Customer Strategy Superhero
A globally accomplished strategy professional, Sueanne is passionate about connecting businesses with the ultimate reason they exist: their customers. Her impressive reach has transformed market-leading brands such as, Terry White Chemmart, PPQ, AVIS, Travelocity, Hays Recruitment, Visit Sunshine Coast (LTO) + Tourism Events Queensland (STO).

With a passion for tourism + customer experience in her DNA, she is committed to transforming businesses + regions through aligning people, products + places. Her empathetic + decisive style breaks through business barriers, + brings everybody from board room to back office on the journey.

Peter Turner

Customer Strategy Superhero
Peter is a global leader in transforming SMEs, large businesses + organisations through the eyes of their customers. As a customer strategy catalyst, he brings over 20 years of experience in consulting projects for both commercial + government organisations in the UK, Australia + throughout Europe.

With unrivalled global business credentials + an enviable cross-industry portfolio - American Express, Terry White Chemmart, PPQ, EFTPOS, RICOH, HMRC, Murray Regional Tourism + News Limited - he is known to be one of the founding technicians of customer-led change, with a style that is engaging + thought-provoking.

We Live Our Values

What sets us apart is how we work + what we stand for.

This is what makes us, us:

Be brave

Be the expert.
Tell it how it is.
Embrace the challenge.

Make it easy

Lead the charge.
Share the load.
Keep it simple.

Go above + beyond

Do the unexpected.
Push the limits.
Bring the wow.

What the program covers

Step up your business, every week

Each online lesson is an engaging, entertaining + educational session, conducted over one hour, with the underlying premise of ‘train-by-doing’.  Each module builds upon the next, with participants who complete the program attaining a ‘Customer Recovery Program’ certificate.

You will have full access to each module of the Customer Recovery Program via your Tourism Tribe Dashboard, for you to watch and rewatch as many times as you need to.

Customer: The building block of business

Why now is the perfect time to rebuild your business around the customer for a quick recovery + long-term sustainability.

Available on Monday 1st of June. 

Presentation topics

  • Business as ‘un’usual – the opportunity in times of crisis
  • Customer is the ultimate reason your business exists
  • Customer trends, fears + what they need from you now
  • Customer Service is ‘so last decade’ + what success now looks like
  • Beyond tactics to strategy – a framework for your business

Live support session

  • Small group support session where we help you apply the weekly learnings to your own business or situation

Week 1

Know your customer to accelerate recovery

Re-examining who your customers are today, who they might be tomorrow + how to attract more of the customers you want.

Available on Monday 8th of June.

Presentation topics

  • Different types of customer + what they need from you
  • Defining your most valuable customers – who to keep + who to ditch
  • Building customer profiles that go beyond demographics to become real people
  • Understanding customer needs + wants, + building true empathy
  • True customer connection – building customer relationships for life

Live support session

  • Small group support session where we help you apply the weekly learnings to your own business or situation

Week 2

Track your past performance to energise your future

How to use customer feedback + insights to help you focus on the things that matter the most + will make the biggest difference to your business.

Available on Monday the 15th of June.

Presentation topics

  • Customer Satisfaction is bullsh!t
  • The three customer buckets + the crystal ball for your business
  • Understanding how your customers feel about you today + why
  • Defining what’s truly important to your customers - + what’s not!
  • Analysing reviews + customer feedback to fuel a strong recovery

Live support session

  • Small group support session where we help you apply the weekly learnings to your own business or situation

Week 3

Align your business with your customer for a strong recovery

Become the first choice for customers by aligning your delivery with customer expectations to set you apart from the competition.

Available on Monday 22nd of June.

Presentation topics

  • Doing things the way you’ve always done them simply won’t work
  • Moving beyond price + product for competitive advantage
  • How to deliver consistency + meaning in an unsettled world
  • Defining your customer promises to create customers for life
  • Applying the promises – changes to people, process + policy

Live support session

  • Small group support session where we help you apply the weekly learnings to your own business or situation

Week 4

Build your improvements plan to thrive in the new world

Putting your thinking into action with razor-sharp focus to create the necessary change in your business + set you up for success.

Available on Monday 29th of June.

Presentation topics.

  • Leveraging your customer profiles to take meaningful action
  • Using customer feedback + reviews to build your action plan
  • Brainstorming improvement ideas + avoiding the common pitfalls
  • Prioritising effort for impact – identify quick wins for a quick recovery
  • Planning your next 90 days + beyond – get focused amongst the noise

Live support session

  • Small group support session where we help you apply the weekly learnings to your own business or situation

Week 5

Bringing it all together to make it happen

How to use your learnings, insights + new skills to help you focus on the things that matter the most + will make the biggest difference to your business.

Available on Monday 6th of July

Presentation topics.

  • Why customer is the key to recovery – a recap
  • Your journey through the modules + your key learning points
  • Tips for success + ideas from your peers
  • Taking it next level – resources, courses + support
  • The road to recovery – next steps

Live support session

  • Small group support session where we help you apply the weekly learnings to your own business or situation

Week 6

Supplemented by interactive
weekly support sessions

Spend some time with the Customer Frame team + your peers each week of the program, in a small online chat where you can share your challenges, ideas + ask any questions you might have in a safe, caring environment.

We can’t wait to join you on this exciting program!

Some of our reviews

Having successfully delivered extensive programs to the tourism industry along the eastern seaboard of Australia + beyond, our clients have had some pretty nice things to say about our style + the impact we made on their businesses. Here’s just a taster:

“I’m very happy, I like to be challenged + I really love what we’ve come up with for my business”

Ross Kenrick,
Bacchus Brewery

Lee-Anne Harris,
Walk Brisbane

“This whole journey we’ve been on has been so helpful, it’s made me focus + has been a real game changer for me”

“You’re a legend, you’ve nailed it. I love our conversations, you are just brilliant, I love talking to you.”

Daryl Kirkup,
Far Horizons day tours

GO Fish Queensland

“You’ve given me so much to think about + action, I’ve loved all the sessions so far. I’ve had mentoring sessions before but not like this.”

“I’m thrilled. I’ve learned so much from our calls, I have six pages of notes from the last one alone! It has been amazing!”

Spirit of the Red Sands

Ready to sign up?

$220AUD for 6 weeks of content and support
Module 1 released on the 1st of June
New modules released each week
Valued at over $2,000
Support sessions: Tuesdays 11am – 12pm / Thursdays 3 – 4pm (QLD/NSW/VIC time)

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