This tutorial holds the video recording for the Spotlight Session on Crypto currency and Blockchain for Tourism businesses (September 18th 2018).

Blockchain truly is the ‘next generation internet’ and it is important to be aware of the possibilities it offers tourism businesses.

Discussed in this Live online webinar were:

How Blockchain and Crypto fit in the World Wide Web

  • Blockchain for tourism
  • Crypto currencies
  • Open Data / Trust / Decentralised/ Monopoly proof

Why you need to care about blockchain and crypto for tourism

The crypto travel nice is full of opportunities for tourism businesses. During the webinar we’ve reviewed why this could be an attractive niche for your tourism business and the benefits that you could gain from increasing your knowledge about blockchain and crypto tourism.

Examples of Blockchain projects

  • Storage – a real peer to peer alternative to Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
  • WindingTree –  an open source project (no IP, no equity, nothing owned by the founders, completely a community project).WindingTree is aiming to solve centralisation in travel distribution. Without open data we can’t have permisionn-less innovation. A supplier (e.g. airline, hotel) can list inventory – they have full ownership of the inventory. Any innovator can access it and sell inventory or use data to create personalisation tools. Projects in vacation space, corporate hotel booking space (20% cost saving)

Crypto Case Study: Agnes Water & 1770

Gordon Christian takes us through how he successfully put Agnes Water & 1770 on the Crypto Travel map. What worked, what didn’t, and what’s planned for the future.

Opportunities for Crypto Travel

We’re reviewed opportunities offered by crypto travel for tourism businesses. These included opportunities to accept crypto currencies using gateways such as the TravelbyBit as well as alternatives to Online Travel Agents (OTAs) built on the blockchain to reduce commissions.

Panelists contact details

Gordon Christian 

Telegram @Gordon1770
Twitter @1770
Best place to reach Gordon is LinkedIn

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