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5 great reasons you should add a video to your Facebook header and how to do it

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Why should you put a video in your Facebook header?

Facebook now enables you to replace your header image with a video, why would you want to do this, that’s the first question

  1. An image captures the “moment” a “second” in time, this moment can be still, quiet and reflective or action packed, but whatever the image conveys it’s still only a moment.
  2. Video conveys much more, it is currently considered a better marketing tool for customer engagement.
  3. Video can tell the whole story. It not only conveys sight, but sound and motion.
  4. Everyone with a smartphone can now create and upload videos to their Facebook header.
  5. It’s easy to do all you need is a business page and admin rights to this page.


Firstly, you need a suitable video about 6-7 seconds in length, it should;

  • Showcase your businesses personality
  • Tell a story
  • Be authentic, it doesn’t need to be perfect
  • Add value to your Facebook page

Once you’ve created the video it’s really easy to upload

Here is a step by step guide

Remember you need to be on your desktop and have administrator rights to the business page.

Go to your Facebook business page

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If you look at the top right hand side inside the image it has a little icon that alternates between a camera and video. Click on that and a drop down menu will appear, it looks like this

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Select “Choose From Videos” and confirm

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Facebook then kindly displays the video for you to view and reposition

Tourism Tribe - video header next


You might also like to consider adding some text at the bottom of your video to reinforce your message, in case your customers have the sound turned off

An example of this can be seen below

Tourism Tribe - add text

Once you’re happy with your video, hit next and then confirm, that’s it!

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