Introducing 4 HUGE updates in your Tourism Tribe community

Tourism Tribe celebrated it’s first birthday in July 2016

We (the founders) have had a great time full of rewarding moments. This included huge smiles when you’ve told us that you’re finding the Tribe valuable to you and your business but we’ve also had a full year of learnings and brainstorming solutions when things we’ve tried just haven’t quite hit the mark!

From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for your feedback along the way.

We always knew the first 12 months would be a test and an important value in our business is continual evolution. We want Tourism Tribe to remain contemporary and meaningful to our members and for the Tribe to keep growing, because the more engaged members on the platform, the more questions and knowledge will be shared and the entire industry will benefit. That’s why we’re really pleased to be announcing new features to enhance value for Tribe members and a flexible membership model with options that respond to your feedback.

Feature 1 – The Zoom Room

The last 12 months have shown that one of most used feature of Tourism Tribe were our help forums! Well, we’ve taken the concept of ‘post a question and get an answer from an expert’ one step further and created an online Video Conference Room! We called it the Zoom Room (as in get the answer you need instantly!)

Tourism Tribe’s Zoom Room is open every Thursday at 11 am Queensland time and hosted by one of our Tourism Experts.
You can just ‘rock up’ (using your computer), don’t need to RSVP and pick the brains of our Experts.

Access to the Zoom Room is covered by our No Brainer and Platinum plans. Our No Brainer Plan is $199 per year and will cover you for 50 Zoom Room Brain Picking sessions. How great that for value!!

To upgrade to the Zoom Room visit our membership options page and ‘sign up’ for the new plan. You will only be charged the Pro Rata amount until your new billing cycle.

Feature 2 – Post a job request on the Job Board

The Job Board is the best way for Tourism Businesses to get quotes from Tourism Experts to get a project or small task completed. Setting up your online booking system? Getting a Facebook strategy? Getting some new business cards designed? Post a job request. It's free and immediately lands in the inbox of our trusted Tourism Experts.

The Job Board is the best way for Tourism Businesses to get quotes from Tourism Experts to get a project or small task completed. Setting up your online booking system? Getting a Facebook strategy? Getting some new business cards designed? Post a job request. It’s free and immediately lands in the inbox of our trusted Tourism Experts.

We’ve seen in the forum posts over the past 12 months that sometimes our members just don’t have the time or skills to accomplish a specific task or project themselves and ask for recommendations of suppliers on the forums.

We’ve thought long and hard about how to ensure you get sufficient quotes and offers and have developed the Tourism Tribe Job Request Board. The job request board can be used for anything tourism or digital related.

You can post a job request here and view the whole job board here.

When you post a job request on the Job Board, our Tourism Tribe Trusted Experts will instantly be notified and be able to get back to you with quotes and plans to get your task completed. This is a much better process than posting on the forums as your forum post may not be seen by everyone!

Remember, Tourism Tribe Experts have been hand selected by ourselves and are industry experts. They are the guys who actively participate in the forums and help out with everyone’s questions.

Accessing the job board is free for all Tourism Tribe members.

Psssst: we will soon also include our Tourism students on our job boards, allowing them to respond and complete your project as work experience. So look out for that announcement.


Do you think Tourism Tribe could benefit other people in the Tourism Industry? It is our vision at Tourism Tribe to enable everyone in the business of Tourism to make a living doing what they love. Growing the Tourism Tribe community will make our Industry stronger and strengthen your business, giving you a better quality of life.

Feature 3 – Recommend Tourism Tribe and get rewarded

We’re so confident that Tourism Tribe is valuable for the industry that we don’t want to keep it a secret. There are more than 700 of you now in the Tribe and the feedback has been so positive that we’re asking your help to get the word out there so more tourism businesses can benefit.

If you know a tourism business or local council or tourism association that has people working in it who you’d like to enable to develop their skills so they can be more successful, then we’re empowering you with the tools to easily invite them to join Tourism Tribe and we want to reward you for helping us get the message out there. We’ll pay you $10 for every sign up, directly into your PayPal account!

To make this happen you’ll need to head to the Tribe’s affiliate area (once logged in of course) and register for your affiliate account. We will in turn send you a personalised link to use to refer the Tribe, as well as logos if you wish to put them on your website. It’s that easy!

Feature 4 – New Membership Options

With new features come new membership options. There is something for everyone, and our basic membership is still less than $10 per month!

Choose your plan
  •     All Premium Content
    Tutorials, Cheatsheets, Training Videos, Recorded Webinars
  •     Weekly Digest Email
  •     Support Forum
    Get quick answers to any of your e-tourism questions in our support forums
  •     Live Chat Support
    Ut ignota animal eos, augue sadipscing his, namno possit expetendi. Delicata posidoni vis ad, offendit iracundia persecuti ea est.
  •     Live Webinars
  •     Post a job
    Job board available for tourism operators to post a job or task request. Automatically notifies Experts!
  •     Weekly Live Support
    Pick the brains of our experts once a week
  •     One On One Coaching
    1x 90-minute coaching session (per year) with our Expert



No Brainer




We’ve created a new membership that gives you weekly access to a Tourism Expert via our Zoom Room. We call it the ‘No Brainer’ membership!
If you’d like to upgrade please contact Wendy on the Live Chat or email!

Pssst: the first Zoom Room Session is on next Thursday at 11am so be quick!

About fabienne

AvatarFabienne Wintle is Chief Digital Strategist and is an advocate for digital self-sufficiency, having empowered thousands of small businesses with the knowledge and tools required to make a living from tourism. Her special blend of digital know-how, tourism knowledge, coaching skills and a natural gift for communication make her a sought-after consultant, workshop facilitator and speaker.
She lives on Australia's Southern Great Barrier Reef in Agnes Water, Queensland where she volunteers her time to help local businesses use the internet.


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